We all know that there is no aspect of life that does not have an online platform. Whether it’s getting a job, developing a business or even going on a date, you need an online profile. It goes without saying that anyone who’s serious about success in any area cannot get by in this day and age with a little grey blob as their profile photo. That said, when it comes to personal branding a selfie or holiday snap doesn’t quite cut it either! 

Every online platform that exists requires you to have images and what those images say about you is everything. If you are someone who is looking to develop a personal brand, every bit of content that is visible online needs a certain niche and uniformity to sell your brand to its audience. Taking the time to get carefully curated professional images can be the difference between stagnation and success. Below you’ll find our top 6 reasons why everyone should get a personal branding photoshoot. 




Often when people have a photoshoot, they’re looking for headshots and profile images but when developing a personal brand, your message needs to be carried throughout all of your content. One post that is good quality may make an impact on your audience but if the content that follows is off brand and lower quality, it will weaken your overall impression. A key component with brand development is consistency and an enormous amount of branded content. If you do not post regularly, your image and impression will not be apparent and you may not see much growth in your audience. 

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In a personal branding photoshoot, all of your promotional and branding bases are covered. You will get an image bank of shots that will be suitable for your website, press features, social media content for all platforms as well as headshots and profile images. Getting your content produced by a professional team, you are guaranteed brand consistency and will save so much time curating content that will strengthen your brand.

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We all know about first impressions. The right one can get you chosen whereas coming off amateurish at first glance could be the end of a potential opportunity, before you’ve had a chance to make your case. An online profile is essentially your first impression whether you’re an entertainer, influencer, entrepreneur or ambassador. One thing that every profession or public image needs is ‘professionalism’.


A personal branding photoshoot shows your audience that you are a professional, no matter what your field. If you have clearly worked with experts to create your images, your audience will take you seriously and your first impression is guaranteed to count. 




Clever branded content is built on associations. Creating associations that link you to your niche is what makes it memorable. When people scroll through so many things online, you want to make sure that you stand out for the right reasons. In a personal branding shoot, you will get the kind of photography that will reinforce your message and show what makes you ‘you’. You will also get someone who understands branding to direct and advise so that you can be confident that your message will be conveyed in the images. 

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When it comes to selection, naturally, we all look for the best. We don’t choose to follow someone who is middle ground or mediocre. People are inspired by success and trust those who seem established and knowledgeable. As we mentioned, on brand images show a distinct level of professionalism and when shot in a clever way, which shows your niche, your viewers will no doubt assume that you are established enough to invest in your online profile and create a solid campaign to get your message out. 




Transparency and professionalism in a public image builds a level of trust. One of the goals of a personal branding photoshoot is to show what it is about you that makes you unique. When you are open and show your unique qualities, your audience will respond by trusting you and therefore listen to and believe in your message. Portraying this in your images can be tricky but there are many ways to direct a shoot that can humanise and illustrate what you are all about. 

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You can find whatever you need online in an instant. With so many options available and so much saturation in each industry, it can be extraordinarily difficult to get noticed by a consumer. The only real way to grow your following and develop your personal brand is to stand out. Personal branding is all about finding the niche in what you do and what’s special comparatively to others within your sector. 


Elevating the quality of your images and coupling this with your own unique style will always stand out. It’s all about having the edge and images that show exactly what makes you different will give you exactly that.

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There’s a reason that campaign strategy and management is one of the most prominent roles within a business. The business or product could be fantastic but if no one knows what USP makes it fantastic, it may never get the recognition it deserves. Personal branding works in exactly the same way. Presentation and first impressions are key. Not being strong in this area will keep you stagnant. A personal branding photoshoot is the easiest way to elevate your online profile and be sure that your message is being seen and understood so that you can find your audience.


At Vanity Studios, we create personal branding profiles with a punch. We will match you with a consultant who can advise, arrange and deliver images that will get you well on the way to having the incredible personal brand to represent how you want to be seen. 

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