Awkward Family Portraits (Tips On How To Avoid Them)

Within today’s booming digital world and a world full of distractions with less attention span, physical elements are a welcome balance. The physical photo is more important than ever in the digital era and having a professional family portrait is the perfect answer for creating a treasured family heirloom – the trick is to avoid any awkward family portraits though!

Here at Vanity Studios, we believe that photography is essentially a mark of history – helping to capture an experience, celebration, and many other happy occasions. Photography is something that will stay in your family throughout generations, and therefore a

can be such a lovely memento for the whole family to treasure for a lifetime.

To ensure that you get your desired family photo and to avoid any awkward family portraits, we’ve created the below infographic which outlines some key tips! In an easy-to-follow layout, the infographic starts by pinpointing the key benefits of a professional family portrait, and then goes onto discuss some top tips for before, during, and then after your family photoshoot session.

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