4 Reasons Why Everyone Should Book a Boudoir Photoshoot At Least Once

Confidence is key in life, and having a  boudoir photoshoot taken might just be the thing that gets you back out into the world! At Vanity Studios, we have seen many different types of people muster up the courage to book a boudoir photoshoot for a vast range of reasons.

From women who need a confidence boost to couples that want to add some spice to their relationship, boudoir photography can do so much for people having a hard time breaking free from the constraints of their insecurities. 

What was once taboo is now a vehicle for strength! Here are 4 reasons why booking a boudoir photoshoot might change your life. 

1. Feel Comfortable in Your Own Skin


Booking a boudoir photoshoot can challenge your limitations, especially if you are normally a shy person. Respected studios only employ photographers and stylists that are experts in their field, so you can start off your photoshoot knowing you are in a safe space with people who would never judge you! 

Knowing this will help you lay down a foundation for you to feel as comfortable as possible during your shoot, and can give you a push to try something new and let loose a little. If you don’t like wearing bikinis at the beach or have trouble changing in front of others in the locker room of the gym and want to try to break free of those fears, a boudoir photoshoot is a great way to dive headfirst into a world where those insecurities don’t exist. With great photographers to guide you through different poses, it will start to feel natural in no time.

2. Embrace Your Sexuality


Finally the world is reaching the era of inclusivity, so start to embrace your own sexuality, whatever it may be!

You might have previously felt shy to express your sexuality or you might be just coming out of a relationship and want to feel seductive again. Boudoir photography is a way to reclaim your sexuality and see yourself in a new light. 

How much or how little you want to show or try during your boudoir photoshoot is entirely up to you, and no one will ever pressure you to wear or do anything you do not want to. The team supporting you during your shoot will, however, be there for you if you decide to try something new or want to explore something different.

4 Reasons Why Everyone Should Book a Boudoir Photoshoot At Least Once (1)3. Spruce Up Your Love Life


Sometimes all it takes is trying something different to spice up your love life! Whether you’ve been in a relationship for years or just starting to get back into the dating world, a boudoir photoshoot might just be the thing you need. 

If you’re trying to get back out into the dating world, you can benefit from taking a few boudoir photos as it could help you take the first steps towards putting yourself out there. In a sense, it can act like a personal announcement that indicates that you are ready for love, passion and sensuality again. You don't have to take every - or any - photo nude. In fact you could take some sexy but public-appropriate photos to spice up your dating profile if you want!

For couples, commemorating your relationship with intimate photos makes for wonderful memories and beautiful keepsakes to hang up in your home or put in a photo album. You can look back on the photos you get from the shoot for years to come, and nothing is more beautiful than capturing a moment in time, especially with the ones you love.  Get a boudoir photoshoot package for yourself and your partner for Valentine's Day or your anniversary and gift them an experience they've never had before! 

4. A Boudoir Photoshoot Can Boost Your Confidence


Nothing can give you a confidence boost more than looking at yourself in the best light. You’ll have the opportunity to see fantastic new photos of yourself at your most secure, which will help you learn to love your body as you see it in a different perspective. Taking control of your image and seeing how strong you can look even whilst dressing the least can be that massive self-esteem boost that you have been looking for.

Not to mention that booking a boudoir photoshoot, getting ready for it and then getting in front of the camera is all you need to prove to yourself how confident you can be. Empower yourself by having faith in your own beauty, and the images will come out gorgeous no matter what!

Trying something new can be exciting, and boudoir photography is certainly no exception! If you have never had a boudoir photoshoot done before, you can look forward to a brand new and exhilarating experience.

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