What actually creates Vanity? Most people believe it is simply obsessive self-love… or could it be the constant need to reassess and improve to be the best you can possibly be? The name Vanity Studios is more than just a brand. It symbolizes the journey so far and the constant work that goes into shaping and improving the way we work.
September commemorates the day Vanity Studios first opened to the pubic in 2009. With a body of carefully selected staff and a managing director who was determined to set the studio apart from the hundreds of generic makeover studios in the industry. There was a definite buzz of excitement in the air when the first clients stepped in that morning. Everyone could feel that this was the start of something good. The caliber of talent amongst the staff was extremely high and the studio itself was so well thought out and the lounge decorated with such taste, it already felt leagues above the other studios anyone had worked in.
It’s true that our props were mostly from Ikea, and our photographers did rather enjoy using green and blue gels, these made our clients look like they were in an 80s music video (green skin is so flattering) But! We focused on giving the best quality and customer service we could possibly give and clients were always singing our praises. Having worked in other studios, our managing director had picked up the flaws in their system and refused to be the same. That said, it did take him an entire three months of shooting before he banned the use of colored gels!
The business quickly grew and became known throughout the industry as the place where you got quality both in the styling and photography. The site, branding and marketing was cleverly done and gave the impression that we were genuinely different. Customer service went above and beyond and Vanity Studios was a stand out in no time. So much so that other studios were playing copycat with their websites and marketing! This was a source of amusement for the Vanity Studios office. There was even one instance where a studio copied an entire page and just changed a few words! It was mildly irritating but mostly funny as it implied that Vanity was the market leader in just a few short months.
Everyone who worked at the studio from stylists to office workers and photographers shared a genuine pride when it came to making Vanity the studio with a difference. This formed a great camaraderie between staff and the regular nights out which everyone loved to excuse as ‘team building’ created the most amiable working atmosphere for all involved. Yes we had times where someone would screech at us about the brand of mascara we use, and occasionally someone couldn’t understand why being 45 minutes late was a problem. But! We powered through and despite the weirdness of human behavior, the staff at Vanity still somehow do!

There are many cogs in the works with a business like Vanity, but we all sometimes forget what makes them turn… Our MD is and has always been working those cogs non-stop! We’ve all met someone who is happiest with a plan of action and a laptop in front of them. Combine that with both natural creativity and extreme business accruement and you can create Vanity. If this man makes a decision that something will happen, you could bet your car, savings, home and children that it will! Honesty, quality and room to expand are his signature and this is very much reflected in Vanity Studios. Those who know him well know if he decided to, he could create a business empire. And those who know him really well… know he may have had a little help ;-)
So! as far as we’re concerned talent, consistency and constant remodeling is what creates Vanity.
Until next time! xxx

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