It’s the digital age and the days of taking the film to be developed into a range of unknown prints is over! We can now edit the images down as they are taken and then store our images on our USB, DVD, CD, Laptop, Desktop or Hard drive! Once they’re stored we occasionally venture into these devices to have a look at our photos or show our friends the trip to Venice or the kids on their first day of school. The nice thing about the digital age is actually the way images are used social media, particularly Instagram. Never before were we able to share our images with everyone instantly nor could we click onto our phone and see a huge gallery of everything we’ve been up to and in some cases, some pretty flattering selfies.

The sad thing is that we rarely print our favorite images. Homes used to be filled with pictures on the wall, a whole shelf or two of photo albums and at least one photo on our bedside tables. Printed images weren’t just for the home they were also carried in our wallets and purses and we had few frames on our desks at work. Now absolutely everything is stored in the phone.
Recently I visited the home of one of the gents who works in the office at Vanity Studios. He has been working for photographic companies now for more than 7 years. The very second you walk into his hallway you see photos. Mostly of the photos were of his little girl at all different stages. In his lounge is a canvas of him and his wife looking like teenagers on their wedding day. Next to that is a shot of the two of them when she was pregnant, then the third canvas in the series was of them and the little girl aged 1! All of these images were of course beautifully shot at Vanity but the house adorned with photos that told stories and showed their history reminded me of how nice photos are in the home. After this visit I almost immediately went to M&S and bought a multi frame so I can put loads of pictures on my wall!

I did some digging and discovered that a lot of people believe that having photos in their home can make them look ‘vain’ to visitors. I also found that people are quite comfortable posting images on their social media that are funny or part of a group or activity but some people didn’t want to post pro shots where they look amazing because it might make them appear self absorbed. Actually it doesn’t! Beautiful images of you and your friends or family in the home give the impression that you have a great life and that you appreciate what you have. Stunning shots of you on social media do not make people think badly of you. It is nice to see self-confidence and unless a person exhibits arrogance generally a beautiful shot won’t ever be perceived as such! It will merely encourage others to want to do the same and inspiring confidence in other people can never be wrong.
The title of this blog says it all!! Don’t be ashamed of your Vanity! It’s good to look good when it makes you feel good! When you have beautiful pictures put them everywhere for all to see, have them on your walls to celebrate and remember your relationships! never hide pictures of yourself that were made as memories. When you’re 80, you will appreciate that you have them as history
Until next week! xxx

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