Vanity Studios most recent ad campaign was for the Halloween production of Dracula 2012. Fly on the Wall Theatre approached Vanity back in the summer describing their very epic and intriguing version of this well-known tale. The ideas pitched by Fly on the Wall Theatre were nothing short of spectacular and we knew the campaign had to be special. Vanity photographer Rob Fairclough did both the publicity and live shots for the production creating a stunning campaign for this rather unique adaptation of an old classic. Each actor was shot in a dark setting with lighting that suitably resembled moonlight. These shots were then used for the poster and programme design as well as several online campaigns.
The design work by Dayal Patterson has been highly commended with some of the cast of Dracula 2012 commenting that it was the best theatre campaign they had ever been a part of. A correspondent from Fly on the Wall Theatre said ‘Vanity Studios had a sleek and professional service from start to finish, the ideas and creativity of their outstanding team were like none I’ve ever seen. Perfect for anyone who wishes for their production to stand out from the rest. Vanity far surpassed my expectations and we will be using them for all our photography and design needs. As I’m sure will all the actors! Thanks Vanity!’
The production itself did not disappoint. Dracula 2012 was a site-specific piece of theatre set in St Giles in the Fields Church in Soho. The show was beautifully staged in its decadent setting with music, dance and its phenomenal cast of actors, who all played their parts with obvious talent and dramatic flair. We were very happy to be involved with such an exciting project and sincerely hope to do more in future.
Photography from the production can be seen here:

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