How Boudoir Photography Can Boost Your Confidence: Cervena Fox

Whatever age, shape, size or race; the pressure on women to look ‘perfect’ particularly thanks to social media perceptions, is arguably more prevalent now than ever before. Many women suffer with low self-esteem and confidence issues due to unrealistic expectations and portrayals of how a woman should look.
Most women are likely to suffer with low self-esteem and confidence issues at some point in their lives, meaning the thought of participating in a boudoir photoshoot would appear completely daunting. It’s easier said than done to encourage people to love themselves and their bodies, including all of their flaws, however boudoir photography is one of many ways we can promote body positivity and the outcome is both beautiful and liberating! We’ve reached out to 5 incredibly inspiring women who have a new found confidence through their love of boudoir modelling, and will be sharing their thoughts with you in a 5-part blog series.
Part One: Cervena Fox

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“At the end of the day, there is nothing in this world that’s perfect and we have to remind ourselves that otherwise we will go crazy!”
Cervena Fox is an iconic British Boudoir Model best recognised for her trademark red hair and intricate tattoos. Cervena has specialised in implied nude photoshoots and has also graced the covers of tattoo magazines such as Skin Ink, Skin Art and Inked Girls magazine. Her modelling journey first began back in 2008 in an attempt to boost her confidence, and it later went on to become both a passion and a career. We caught up with Cervena to discuss what inspired her to model and see what tips she had for anyone wanting to follow her footsteps and take part in boudoir photoshoots!
As someone that is widely-known as an icon in the boudoir/nude photography industry, what do you love most about Boudoir photoshoots?
I like to feel confident and pretty! It’s a nice way to doll yourself up and get photos of your look then after the photos are done love parts of your body that you maybe hated and reminds you that you are the best version of yourself and that you should love yourself no matter what!
What do you think makes you feel the best version of yourself when you perform, and do boudoir shoots?
I always like the play other characters when I’m performing! I have a Queen Of The damned, cow girl and witch act! My burlesque reminds me not to worry about what others think. I never in my right mind would slap my ass on stage but this year it’s taught me to just have fun and let go and everyones loving it!
How did you gain an interest in Boudoir?
I’ve always been one that’s interested in boudoir, mainly watching other girls be part of it and feeling so inspired by all these strong women!

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Did anyone, or anything in particular inspire you to try boudoir photoshoots or shows?
Yes many girls did inspired me! From alternative to pin up - Lou Lou d’vil
Frankie facticious.
What advice would give to anyone hesitant and self conscious of trying boudoir? It can appear quite daunting if you’ve never stripped off in front of a camera!
To just try because the character they want to be! Give yourself an alter ego name and just try not to worry about it all! Have fun with it and eventually over time you’ll learn to love yourself and feel the confidence you always wanted!
Is there something you recommend to bring to your very first shoot?
Always make sure to bring nude pasties incase you have see-through underwear, a good brush for your hair and blotting powder because the lights are super hot and it gets sweaty!

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We're all self conscious, however there's always a feature or aspect we do like. How you feel boudoir helps you to enhance this feature, and encourage body confidence?
It helps to enhance and encourage my body confidence because sometimes I’ll hate something about my body and when I take photos I realise it really isn’t as bad as what I see in the mirror, sometimes I see something and go ‘ok I need to work on that’ and I will and try to make the better version of myself. At the end of the day there is nothing in this world that’s perfect and we have to remind ourselves that otherwise we will go crazy!

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