How Boudoir Photography Can Boost Your Confidence: Georgina Grogan

Georgina Grogan is an inspiring, UK-based award-winning influencer and blogger, who has gained confidence through modelling and posting boudoir-style model shots on her Instagram feed. She also runs ‘She Might Be’; the UK’s first completely body-positive, online magazine and community that is written by other plus-size bloggers and like-minded people.
Georgina’s positive outlook on women’s bodies and self image is not only promoted through her online magazine, but is also shown through her own Instagram content in which she showcases her everyday life as well as her amazing makeup looks, lingerie shots and outfit photos. We asked Georgina some questions about how she gained the confidence to strip off for sexier photoshoots and how she overcame her personal struggles with body positivity.
Part Two: Georgina Grogan

“Seeing other amazing women doing it definitely helped me gain confidence, if they can, why can't I?"
As someone who has modelled professionally, and also regularly posts empowering, lingerie photos on your social media; what inspired or encouraged you to strip down and try these sexier shoots?
When I first started blogging I actually didn't know about the plus size blogging world, the body positivity movement or anything like that. As soon as I started to follow these beautiful fat women posting themselves at different angles, in different styles, in clothes and in lingerie, my mind was blown away! It opened up a whole new world for me. I remember my first lingerie review where I was gifted a beautiful set and I didn't take photos of it on. I took photos of it laid on my bed instead. Fast forward a year later and I was posing in shapewear and a bra. Another year and it was just the bra and some big pants to cover my stomach, now it's all out! Seeing other amazing women doing it definitely helped me gain confidence, if they can, why can't I?
In comparison to your usual modelling, what do you love about taking boudoir-style, or lingerie photographs of yourself?
I love being able to look at them and think how sexy I look! I've never really associated myself with the word as when I first started blogging I was 18 and felt like I was too young. Then I became disabled and my body started to change, I can't put my lingerie on myself so I'd never dress up in fancier things just for myself as others do or as I did years ago. Sure my boyfriend or my mum has to put the fancier lingerie on me now for shoots, but after I can look back at the photos and think, wow! The first time my mum and I took any 'boudoir' styled photos was after a couple of bottles of wine and we were just having a laugh in a hotel room. They've ended up being some of my favourite photos of myself ever.

We believe that beauty starts within; however, we’re also all about championing a woman’s physical beauty too. What do you personally think makes a woman beautiful?
Whenever I've described someone as a beautiful person, it's mostly related to how they are as a person. How warming they are, how they make others around them feel, how selfless and caring they are. How they radiate kindness and are an utter joy to be around.
What makes you feel like the best version of yourself when modelling and taking shots in your lingerie?
When I've modelled professionally in the past, the photographers were so complimentary whilst shooting. Constant compliments flowing at me, telling me what a good job I was doing, how amazing I looked, how beautiful my eyes lit up when I looked to the side, I couldn't believe just how confident they make you feel. It makes you smile so much when you're getting that constant praise and affirmations too. My boyfriend and mum do it as well, but not on their level. Really, I should tell them to compliment me more, ha! Obviously having my hair and makeup done fully and wearing the most beautiful clothes too, but it really helps when you're really comfortable and surrounded by supportive people.

What advice would you give to anyone hesitant or nervous about trying boudoir or ‘sensual’ photoshoots and revealing their body?
I would say that if you have a professional nearby then definitely try it. They meet so many women who are so scared and nervous when they first enter and leave feeling like goddesses. Although I've not had a professional experience myself yet, I've heard so many amazing stories. Getting properly fitted underwear is a must too as you might be in some unusual positions for the photos so you want to make sure everything stays put! You don't always have to bare all at first either, my first shot was in a robe, you could barely see anything and I still think it's one of the sexiest photos!
Many of us are self-conscious, particularly of our flaws however there is always an aspect or feature of ourselves that we do like. How do you feel that modelling helps to encourage body confidence?
It definitely takes time, but everything does. Whether you have professional experience or just grab a friend and a camera. It’s all about trying to feel as relaxed as possible. Stick on some music that makes you want to dance, be sure to laugh and joke around. Don’t take yourself too seriously and soon in front of the camera you’ll see yourself shine!

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