How To Achieve Kendall's Summer Glow in 3 Simple Steps!

The Summer months are all about the glow and very few have got it quite as right as Kendall Jenner’s Makeup Artist, Mary Phillips. Known for her ‘barely there’ makeup, Mary has the glow down to a fine art. This look is all about healthy looking, hydrated skin with just the right amount of definition.


Kendall’s devastatingly flawless glow may look somewhat unachievable but luckily for you… We know how it’s done! And no, we are not talking expensive laser treatments, although we are quite sure Kendall has had her fair share of those!


In the studio we are very often asked for the ‘dewy look’ or ‘the glow’. It is a look that is relatively easy to achieve but that very few have been able to master. How many times have you tried the latest ‘illuminator’ only to look like your oil glands are in overproduction. Or perhaps you grabbed a highlighter that gave your skin a glow verging more on the side of metallic than healthy!


What Do You Need?


To achieve this look in all it’s natural glory, you do not need a magical product that costs an arm and a leg at the beauty counter. All you need is some key products that you will probably already have and a little technique in the application.


The key here is subtlety, You want to choose a bronzer that is only one or two shades darker than your natural skin tone. This can be a tricky product to choose. Too gold or bronze and your glow will resemble kidney failure! There is a fine line! So unless you are brilliant at colour matching, do ask for assistance. For this look, your bronzer should also be matte. The goal here is to glow with hydration and not to glitter or shimmer!


STEP 1: Prep and Prime


Before any makeup makes its way to your skin, MOISTURISE! At the studio, we will always prep your skin before applying anything else but in this particular look a rich moisturiser is essential. A great base for makeup is Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Cream £75 or for a more wallet friendly alternative Liz Earle’s Skin Repair Rich Cream £23 will be a great base for this look.


STEP 2: Get the Glow


For an extra dewy finish, mix 1 to 2 drops of facial oil in with your foundation and use a long bristle fluffy brush to buff the foundation into your skin using circular motions. Start with a small amount and build more coverage as required, being careful not to over do it. We want to see skin through the foundation and too much can kill the look. Once your skin is looking even and hydrated apply a light dusting of matte bronzer on the areas of your face that the sun would naturally hit. Generally this is the cheek bones, forehead and even a touch on the nose and chin.


STEP 3: Add Definition


As this look is one that lends itself to all things light and natural, we would usually use a lip stain or liner in a nude or soft pink shade. We would then lightly define and fill in the brows and opt for a very thin coat of mascara. Generally we would leave it at that for a perfect glowing Summer look, but to do it like Kendall, sweep a very light matte brown eyeshadow along the eyelid and just underneath the eye. Again being careful not to over do it! The final touch is adding a highlight. Now this is where many people go wrong. A highlight is all about the inner glow that comes from hydration and not a stripe in certain parts of the face! Take a small amount of moisturiser and run it down the nose and along the top of the cheekbones for the perfect finish! No special product required!


So there you have it! Kendall’s glow can be achieved with a few basic products and fluffier foundation brush. Give this look a go and tag us on instagram so we can see your results!



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