Swipe Right! 5 Top Tips to Create a Dating Profile That Will Get You Noticed

It’s official - life happens online! From booking London photographer to creating a dating profile and finding love, everything can be done online. Anything you need can be researched or ordered on the internet. This modern day miracle of convenience has impacted every aspect of our lives including our lifestyle and personal connections, all of which are now primarily found and cemented online.

When it comes to dating, going to your local and waiting for magic to happen won't get you very far. Not to mention, it will massively limit your options. But nowadays there are countless apps and sites where you can search for your ideal partner and you can specify what it is you are looking for right down to the last detail.

Creating a profile that will attract your ideal mate should be straight forward. Just be brutally honest about what you’re looking for and highlight only your best qualities right? Actually no. Sadly, it can be an absolute minefield.

The most self aware, confident person can present themselves totally wrong online so what are the do’s and don’ts when attracting your mate online?  We asked three members of the Vanity creative team, from our senior London photographer to our makeup artists who have achieved success in the genuinely mind boggling world of online dating, to put together the best pointers to make sure you get it right!

Choose the right photos, a London photographer can help!

london photographer dating profile

For this one, we didn't to reach too far to find the answer! As London photographers, we regularly get clients coming in to get their dating profile photos done. Obviously putting your profile shots in the hands of an expert is the easiest way to get it right. However, the rules that we follow when creating shots for a dating site are relatively simple.

The scene should be well lit and give an accurate representation of who you are without looking too stiff or posed. We try to give the images a ‘lifestyle’ feel. Shots where you are laughing or ‘in action’ look really great on your profile and show a little of your personality. Studies show that both men and women find humour and positivity incredibly attractive and getting this across in your photos is key to getting noticed.

Aim for 4 to 7 images as you want diversity without an overload. A mix of pro and social images look great but not too many selfies! Lots of online daters have said they prefer natural looking poses taken by someone else to a selfie on their potential mate's dating profile! A through-the-mirror selfie may be a big favourite, but it is also a big turn off for many. Opting for natural non-posed shots is definitely favoured.

Keep the focus on you, one shot with a friend is ok but anymore and you can get lost. Another element any London photographer would suggest is to have in your dating profile photo is colour. Bold colours look incredible in photography as do pastel shades. Going for too much grey or black can give an appearance of dullness and sometimes negativity. Theres a little bit of psychology when it comes to colour so don’t be shy and go brighter!

The last point to keep in mind when it comes to your dating profile photo is honesty. Old photos and overly photoshopped images can ultimately be time wasters as the goal is to actually meet people, the shots need to look like you just at your best! Nothing older than 18 months and stay away from the dodgy editing apps!

Hair & Makeup for Your Images

As photographers in London, one of the first questions we ask when taking a client into hair and makeup is ‘What is your shoot for?’. Very often, the answer is ‘I need some great dating profile shots’ but quite often it’s ‘Oh, I don’t know, maybe, just some nice pictures… maybe for work or something?’ Then later midway through makeup, when a client has relaxed into the process, we learn it’s for a dating profile.

Although the work we do as London photographers is of an incredible standard no matter what your chosen look, having this information will change how a stylist will advise you. Your dating profile photo needs to be a polished version of YOU, so we don’t recommend huge transformations or even very strong looks. The stylists can give you tips to refresh your every day look or give you that special date night look that you have always wanted to achieve but please do let us know what your shoot is all about, as you will get the absolute best advice possible when it comes to getting the best look for your shots.

Three Top Tips For The Bio

1. Get to the point

Most dating sites have space for very short bios. This is why getting the key things about you in straight away is extremely important. Your bio should be short but content rich. Even if the first part is the headlines (Salsa Dancer – Vegan – Animal Lover), putting these things in straight away actually keeps your profile visitors engaged and getting to the point about things that are relevant and important to you actually wards off those who may not be truly compatible. You want to get in as much information as you can without going off on a tangent.

london photographer dating profile

2. Keep it light

You might think that adding ‘no time-wasters’ in your dating profile may save you some time and energy, but actually the chances that this comment will put off a potential Mr/ Mrs Right are very high! Bluntness and negativity are one and the same when it comes to online profiles. It’s more than understandable that many people don’t want to deal with the time wasters but if you’re this harsh and or direct straight from the off, this give the impression that you will be cold and ultimately hard work!

Keeping it light can be as simple as saying you can beat anyone at scrabble or that you are looking for someone who will watch a Rocky marathon with you. Let’s face it, at this stage it’s all about getting to know someone to see if there’s any long lasting chemistry and snarky straight up comments will no doubt put people off and probably not actually be an accurate representation of who you are. Be light, be positive and have some fun with it!

3, Avoid clichés and list your genuine interests

Moonlight walks on the beach may sound like some sort of romantic epitome but unless this is how you actually spend your time, leave it out of your dating profile! If you don’t love yoga, don’t say you do to attract someone athletic. Say how you actually spend your time, be real about what you actually love to do. The truth is, there are people who love nothing more than Netflix and chill, there are people who would rather have a picnic in the park than have to dress up for a fancy dinner.

The more honest and real you are on your dating profile, the better your chances of attracting the right person. Don’t say something interests you just because it gives an impression that you think is more attractive. Different things have their appeal and the last thing you want is to be dating that guy that takes you on a hike every weekend because you said you ‘love it’.

So there you have it…

Once again, Vanity know-how with how to present yourself has come in handy! We understand that an image tells a story and creates an instant impression. When it comes to choosing a mate, you do not want to get this wrong! Don’t be shy! Book your London photographer, get those dating shots and get yourself fixed up in no time!


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