One of the most commonly searched phrases on both Pinterest and Google is ‘How to handle a break up’ bless anyone out there who has Googled that! Even worse… another commonly searched phrase is ‘how to make up with your boyfriend’. In most cases this is probably not a good idea! The truth is that so many of us these days are hopeless romantics constantly searching for ways to mend our broken hearts. With dating sites galore and all the singles on the look out for that special someone, whether it was a long haul or a short romance, break ups are always going to be tough.
So what do we do when we have that sinking feeling and that flutter in our stomachs like our hearts have been trampled on for the umpteenth time? Do we let our friends be our counselors and force them to sit through our ‘whys’ and ‘why not’s’, do we get stinking drunk and immediately rebound with Carlos the local bimbo hunter… seems fun at the time but probably not!
Everyone is different and each break up varies in its devastation but we believe we have discovered a brilliant way to heal those proverbial wounds… make up!
Yes it may sound a little odd that applying make up can mend a broken heart but we have found that it will do at least a little bit of the healing for the majority of people.
Have you ever had that cleansing feeling after a new haircut or a major shopping spree? These changes can make you feel as though you have had a brand new start and make up can be exactly the same. Some people have the same make up routine for 30 years! That’s right! 30! When clients tell us their routine has been the same for even 10 years, we usually inform them that within this time their skin tone would have changed as would their hair etc and that no make up would suit them their whole lives! Then there are those who don’t bother with make up as it’s too much ‘effort’, just imagine what effect even a small amount of make up can do for them!
There is extensive research to show that the way to get over anything is to make a fresh start in anyway you possibly can. Changing your look after a break up can be revitalizing and massively liberating and make you feel ready for that new beginning that you genuinely crave.

So all this comes from a lady called Marie who recently came along to the studio. Marie is 36 and was with her husband for 11 years. Her friend, Ellie brought her along to the studio in an attempt to raise her spirits and bring her back to life. When the girls arrived we were obviously completely unaware of this but something seemed off with Marie. At first she just seemed genuinely unenthusiastic about her day and with Ellie constantly encouraging her, it was clear something was up. It was when the girls were sat at the nail bar that Marie’s break up was brought up. ‘Stop thinking about that ***ck’ said Ellie, Marie just shrugged and I very forwardly asked ‘what ***ck is this?’ it was then that the story came pouring out. Marie explained that she wanted to reinvent herself and learn to live on her own but she didn’t know how to begin. I told her she had come to the right place! After a few giggles and a little more disparaging of the ex, we discovered that Marie only ever wore mascara and sometimes pink lipstick! We also discovered that she religiously straightened her gorgeous naturally curly hair daily! So we told Marie her reinvention begins today. We defined her beautiful natural curls and taught her how to recreate the look at home. Straight to curly immediately transformed her look and after years of fighting her natural hair she actually loved the end result. We then had a bit of a giggle about her 8 month old mascara before throwing it in the bin and we gave her a gorgeous soft charcoal smokey eye with a nude lip. We complemented her skin tone with some bronzer and lovely illuminous highlight on her cheekbones. Needless to say she looked fantastic and you could immediately see that she felt brilliant.
When Marie went on set she was brimming with confidence and since depressed Marie only brought basic outfit changes she had to borrow Ellie’s dress! She simply felt too glamorous for jeans! Her transformation and fresh start had begun! Her shots were great and her smiles were genuine. She hugged us as she left and said ‘make up after break ups!’ and that she needed to get some new clothes now too!
It is always about the inner transformation when going through anything, but a lot can be said for starting with a small outer transformation! In some cases this can be the trigger for a brand new start!
Until Next time!! xxx

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