Pet Photography: 4 Important Questions to Ask

When it comes to family photography and pet photography in London, there is never any question about who will be in the photos. It’s that canvas on your wall, that album you will look back at in 10 years time when the kids no longer live at home. Obviously, no one in your household would be left out of this picture…or would they? Pet photography is increasingly popular as pets are widely considered to be members of the family. But so many people would never even consider having them in a family photoshoot- at Vanity Studios, we say why not!

We have been doing pet photography in London for just over 8 years after we first exhibited at The National Pet Show. Since then we have seen so many furry members of the family!

We have mastered the right way to capture the essence of your pets personality as well as how to control them well enough to catch the moment on camera. Not an easy task but with 8 years in the bag, we believe we have got it down!

If you’re looking for pet photography in London and would love to capture those precious pets for life, read on to discover all you need to know. 

pet photography in london

What Kind of Pet Photography Can be Done?


While we would be happy to shoot your pet cobra, we have to leave the judgement up to you. We have shot everything from Pugs to Exotic Birds and Siamese cats but apart from letting us know in advance, we have one stipulation! Since pet photography in London can involve a bit of travel, any pet you bring to us must be used to regular travel and lots of social interaction. For example, cats who only leave the house to visit the vets are usually not suitable for an in house photo shoot! We have done it with some success but generally this is not advised.

If the journey and the experience is likely to distress your pet in any way, our attempts to get a classic shot may be foiled! While we have techniques to calm the most savage and excitable beast, distressed pets may not play ball!

We have shot almost every breed of dog imaginable, a fair few reptiles, macaws and a handful of show cats! We will photograph absolutely any creature that you have in your home. We love the end results and the creativity that goes into it.

How to Prepare for a Pet Photography Shoot


Standard pet photography sessions with us will last anything from 1-2 hours, including the viewing. If you'd like to make this a family shoot as well with hair and make up then it's about 3-4 hours, depending on outfit changes. We have water bowls and even a private room should you wish to keep your pet away from other clients but do bring along anything else you feel your pet may need in this window of time.

Another good tip is to bring treats and distractions! Nothing gets your pet to ‘sit’ as well as their favourite treat and this can make a huge difference in your shoot. Even the most well behaved pet can get overly excited in a new environment with lots of people and things going on. Treats and favourite toys are key in keeping them in check and ready for their close up.

How the Photographer will work with Your Pet


As with every photoshoot the photographer will discuss your shoot in depth and have a detailed picture of what you are hoping to achieve in your shots. During a pet shoot, the photographer will also ask about their personality and how they respond to commands. This is mostly applicable to dogs but many other pets understand tone and many pet owners know how they will respond in certain situations.

It is important that your share as much as possible with your photographer so that they can use these techniques to get the best from your pet. If this is a family shoot and you want the most from your group shots, the photographer must know commands and maybe even have a  few treats handy!

What Kind of Shots Can You Get


This question is often asked when people are hoping to get shots done of their pets. Some are easier to shoot than children! We love taking group shots with pets but many people come individually with a pet plus one and these shots are super cute. We have also had more than one pet, once there were four huge dogs in a shot with their owners! We can handle your pet photography in London as our experience speaks for itself.

We use burst shots to get in action images and for those that will sit and stay, we have a range of fancy props that will make your furry friend look poised and regal, even if they’re not! What can be achieved in these sessions isn’t limited so if you have an idea in mind of what you want, please do discuss it with us!

We have established a fantastic method for pet photography in London and we adapt this accordingly to what ever creature comes our way. We look forward to welcoming your furry family members!




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