Viva Forever! A New Musical based on the songs of the Spice Girls to open a few doors away from Vanity Studios at the Piccadilly Theatre. On 27th November, preview performances of the new musical Viva Forever! It will be on at the Piccadilly Theatre on Denman Street. The musical is written by Absolutely Fabulous star Jennifer Saunders, produced by Mamma Mia! Producer Judy Cramer and is based on the songs of the Spice Girls. The Spice Girls burst into our consciousness in 1996 with their single “Wannabe” and debut album ‘Spice’. They soon became the biggest pop phenomenon since The Beatles and gained huge success worldwide. With over 75 million album sales, 17 UK No.1 singles between them and countless newspaper headlines, it is no surprise that the music of the world’s biggest girl group would eventually become a musical. With elements such as female solidarity, mother and daughter relationships and other “girl power” themes, Viva Forever! tells the story of lead character Viva (Hannah John Kamen), a Spanish orphan living with an adoptive mother (Sally-Ann Triplett). The value of friendship comes in to question when Viva finds herself faced with fame and fortune after winning a reality TV talent show. This is set to be an uplifting, joyous and celebratory show packed with memorable hits. The show is said to be a “funny tale of love, loyalty and romance” and will undoubtedly be the perfect feel-good night out in London’s West End from it’s official opening on 11th December 2012. If you are planning on seeing the show why not book a session in your best outfit at Vanity Studios beforehand?Say You’ll Be There!

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