In a world of social media, online dating and at a time when more and more people are looking at the self-employed route, it’s impossible to not need a photo for some reason. But do we ever actually want to have a photoshoot? People normally don’t like having their picture taken because they don’t think it will look good and they feel uncomfortable posing. This may be completely true of past experiences. At Vanity, we believe everybody, with the right lighting, make up, composition and direction, can have truly stunning images. This is true of our past experiences with those so called ‘non photogenic’ people who display a mixture of shock and excitement when they see their final images. Just read some of ourtestimonials to see some of the responses.
One of the most rewarding parts of our work is the confidence boost people get when they’ve seen their images. A massive psychological shift occurs when someone sees himself or herself in a much more positive light. This can have favorable repercussions on relationships, social circles and career.
Every shoot at Vanity is different. The most important aspect is to find out what
each client wants to achieve. If it is a model then it’s likely to be a new portfolio or an update showcasing their best features and their personality. If it’s the Director of a company then he or she would likely want the image to portray their character and give the right impression to their clients. This is not easy but we’re pretty good at this and it’s why people tend to come back, especially when they’ve found that they were able to boost their career with the use of their photos.
Over the years, we’ve had clients of all types visit us. These are just some of the reasons people have requested a shoot: celebrations, head shots, family pictures, home portraits, model portfolios, erotic/boudoir style shoot, business website, pre/post wedding shoot, gift for partner, fashion/beauty shoot, baby pictures, show off a new look, weight loss. Some of these people are probably your friends!
Well, that’s enough rambling from us. We know it works. Why not just come in and see for yourself?

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